Our firm provides legal advice and services primarily related to Dutch corporate and employment law. The Netherlands remains a flexible and business-friendly jurisdiction, offering many different solutions and structures that enhance and simplify international commerce.

Our services

  • Incorporation and structuring
    We set up Dutch legal entities and put them in the right place within the client’s structure. Dutch companies (private and public), cooperatives and foundations can be adapted to the specific needs of circumstances of the client. We assist with the incorporation of Dutch entities and establish the legal framework for management, shareholders and personnel: shareholder agreements, joint ventures, board regulations.
  • Mergers and acquisitions
    We provide due diligence services for potential targets, as well as the documents to close the deal: share transfer and subscription agreements, financing and licensing schemes, encumbrances.
  • Corporate housekeeping
    There is no formal position of a corporate secretary in Dutch legal system, but someone has to make sure that the company is in good standing and the necessary approvals are in place. We assist with management board and shareholders’ resolutions and minutes, filings to the Chamber of Commerce, Dutch Central Bank and other authorities, UBO disclosure.
  • Liquidation
    To properly dissolve a Dutch entity, one must first ensure it is in good legal standing. We rectify improper or missed filings, assist with assignment of assets and liabilities, prepare liquidation plans and supplementary documents, liaise with remaining creditors, act as liquidators and custodians of archives.
  • Employment and liability
    Many of our clients choose to employ directors or operational staff in their Dutch companies, to increase substance and reliability of their structure. We assist with preparing employment agreements, personnel policies, termination and settlement, management liability and discharge.
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Other services

Legal advice and support with Dutch corporate and contract law: incorporation, mergers, acquisitions, liquidations of Dutch legal entities, shareholders’, agreements, corporate housekeeping and more.
CIS Desk
Personalized services for clients from the countries of the former Soviet Union.
Preparation and filing of financial statements, preparing interim, transfer, liquidation balances, coordination of auditors and cross-border consolidations.
Other services
Due diligence and KYC assistance, relocation of employees, migration assistance, secretarial services.
Personalized services for clients from Turkey, Middle East and North Africa.
Dutch and international tax advice for new and existing structures. Preparation and filing of corporate income tax, VAT, personal income tax returns. Restoring companies to good tax standing, negotiations with the Dutch tax authorities.
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