Your trusted partner in the Netherlands since 1991

30+  years
Since our founding in 1991, through good times and bad times, we have been advising our clients with their tax and legal matters in the Netherlands. Complex new setups, swift and tidy liquidations, we have done them all, and more.
15 +
Any firm is only as good as its people. We are a team of over 15 specialists in law, tax and accounting, skilled in Dutch and international aspects of our fields. We believe in continuous education and improvement as the only way to keep up with the times in the ever changing regulatory environment.
We have advised clients from over 100 different countries, from Canada to Kenya and from China to Chile. If you are facing an issue specific to your jurisdiction, there is a high chance we have dealt with it before.
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Who we are

Strik Tax | Legal is a well-established Dutch consulting firm located in Amsterdam.

We are a one stop shop for all your tax, legal and accounting needs in the Netherlands. Our core business is assisting Dutch and international clients with setup, maintenance and reorganization of their structures and businesses. Our mission is to provide swift, clear, practical advice and support.

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We are members of various international organizations

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Our Process

We know that securing proper advice for an international project can be overwhelming. We follow a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to onboarding and advising our clients, designed to minimize headache and paperwork and provide the answers they need without delay.  
First meeting
Join us at our office at the World Trade Centre in Amsterdam for a cup of coffee. If it is not the best season to visit the Netherlands, we can always have a chat online or correspond by email. During the introductory meeting, we determine and discuss the specific circumstances and issues of your case. If we can assist, we will let you know how. If we cannot, we might know someone who can.
Client acceptance
Dutch legal, tax advisors and accountants must comply with strict KYC requirements of the Dutch WWFT Act. After the introductory meeting, we will send you a clear, detailed list of documents and information that we require for our client acceptance procedures – and we would be happy to set up another call or meeting if you have any questions or concerns.
Our services will be governed by the engagement letter that we sign with you. It will describe the specific services to be provided, and our fee arrangements. For simple and straightforward queries, we usually provide a fixed, predictable fee. Where this is not feasible, we will strive to give a reliable   estimate.
Once the onboarding is complete, one of our team members will become your personal point of contact for all relevant services. If any external advisors or specialists are involved, we are happy to coordinate their efforts as well.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact our office in case you have any question about legal, tax or accounting services in the Netherlands. Our doors are always open.
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