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Strik Tax | Legal is a well-established Dutch consulting firm located in Amsterdam.

30+  years
Since our founding in 1991, through good times and bad times, we have been advising our clients with their tax and legal matters in the Netherlands. Complex new setups, swift and tidy liquidations, we have done them all, and more.
15 +
Any firm is only as good as its people. We are a team of over 15 specialists in law, tax and accounting, skilled in Dutch and international aspects of our fields. We believe in continuous education and improvement as the only way to keep up with the times in the ever changing regulatory environment.
We have advised clients from over 100 different countries, from Canada to Kenya and from China to Chile. If you are facing an issue specific to your jurisdiction, there is a high chance we have dealt with it before.
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30 years of experience

Your trusted partner in the Netherlands since 1991

Our firm was established by Mr. Christian Strik as a legal and tax consultancy in 1991. For more than thirty years, our office has been providing high-quality services to Dutch and international clients. We take pride in our synergetic combination of legal, tax and accounting specialists working in one team from our office in Amsterdam. We feel that our holistic approach, where we simultaneously review tax, legal and financial aspects of every issue, is the best way to ensure compliance and efficiency of client structures in the years to come.

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Why choose us?

  • We are a boutique firm, offering personalized service with a single point of contact for any issue.
  • We are a team of multidisciplinary, highly educated specialists who can provide all services in-house, to keep your Dutch project in good standing and full compliance with Dutch and EU requirements.
  • Having worked for 30+ years on a wide range of different projects and clients, we have the knowledge and experience to provide extensive, specialized and up-to-date advice.
  • We focus on building continuous, long-term relationships with our clients, where our scope of services grows with the clients’ projects.
  • We offer predictable and transparent fee arrangements.
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